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Beard Styles in India

Getting a stylish Beard is the hottest men’s fashion trend at present. However, we must admit choosing the right beard style is a tricky game, as the ultimate goal of the Beard is to add contrast and dimension to your overall look. Depending on the shape of face, Beard style must be such that highlights the facial features to compliment overall appearance.

Here is the guide to top trending Beard Styles in India for different face types:

  1. Square Face: Square face is characterized with equally wide cheekbones, forehead, and jaw. Men with such sharp angular features must have moustaches with a trimmed scruff and also a clean-cut beard with hard lines will do justice to square face.
  2. Oval face: Men with oval face are highly versatile and many different kinds of beard styles can compliment them. The best of beard style for oval face would be goatee together with neat moustache and a subtle beard or scruff.
  3. Round face: This kind of face type has non-angular features with bulky cheeks which can be given slim look by the angled shape beard along the cheekbones.
  4. Triangular face: Men with this face type usually have wider jaw line with face contracting at the cheekbones. With such kind of face type a full beard either trimmed or scruff can give a smooth finish and compliment the overall appearance.

With these major Beard style followed by Indian Men, find out which beard style can give leading edge to your masculinity and leave a long lasting impression.